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Alcoholic Vs Functioning Alcoholic: What You Must Know?


There are many people who don’t know the difference between an alcoholic and a functional alcoholic. If you are one among them, don’t worry, as we will discuss it in this post in detail. Functioning alcoholic is a term used to indicate people who are fully dependent on an alcoholic, but acts like it is not affecting their personal and professional life. They will behave like non-alcoholics. Functioning alcoholics are mostly middle-aged and well-educated.

People who are into alcohol abuse can complete all their tasks well, and this is when things looks confusing. Even though everything looks all right, in long term they might experience various health problems. Alcoholics are easy to identify. As they will clearly behave like they were drunk, it is easy to identify them. Read more about this on Detox To Rehab.

Signs that show a functioning alcoholic are –

  • Excessive drinking
  • claiming that they are celebrating by drinking
  • claiming they consume pricey alcoholic beverages to “show” they are not drunk
  • having trouble socializing without drinking
  • People turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism for trauma, sadness, and anxiety.
  • Becomes aggressive all of a sudden.
  • Will be short-tempered.

If you or your friend is a functional alcoholic and is under high stress, seeking the support of medical professionals is extremely important. Otherwise, your health would be at risk.

The therapy at the rehab center can help you by improving your condition. Some of the bad effects, which alcohol can cause are brain damage, liver problems, eye problems, heart problems, etc.

People who drink more will be at the risk for heart attack. They will be at high risk for diabetes too. When you take treatment from professionals, everything will be taken forward systematically. This means the chances for the treatment success rate would be very high. Check the websites of various rehab centers before you join.