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Breaking Common Myths About Vitamin Supplement Intake


We have always been inclined towards the healthy intake of vitamins and minerals besides our diet. Since decades vitamins and mineral supplements have thought to be the only method to have a good health apart from our regular food. Its Health Halo Effect is bigger than anything less. But as a commoner, it becomes difficult to understand which information about these supplements are true and which are fictional. Owing mostly to the myths that surround the intake of these items, we are trying to bust a few of them for your benefit.

Taking a multivitamin can make up for a poor diet

The effect of multi-vitamins on every adult is still unclear. To some, multi-vitamins protect against premature death. On a few others, it has no effect at all. But it is for sure that intake of food is the first prescription to have the required nutrients. Your food has a good mix of essential minerals and vitamins and their combinations that will benefit for your health in a better way. On the other hand, dietary supplements, supplement the nutrition that your food cannot supply. This doesn’t mean you can replace it with your food.

All supplements are safe as they are natural

Any element that has the potential to heal you also has the potential to gravely affect you. It is true that the supplements come directly from nature, but they become man-made once they are turned into the pill. Also, anything and everything from nature do not ensure that it is always safe.

You can overdo your multivitamins

No, you cannot overdo your vitamin supplements. They must be taken as prescribed. Their overdose can damage your vital organs critically. Pregnant women get affected by excessive vitamin A. It can also affect your liver. Excessive vitamin B6 and extra vitamin C can turn anti-oxidants into pro-oxidants, which can damage your nerves.

Supplements are never necessary

There are various conditions where supplement intake can help you save your situation. They are:

  • Folic acid intake can benefit pregnant mothers.
  • Vitamin B12 intake can help vegans.
  • Calcium and vitamin D can help people who are lactose intolerant.
  • Multi-vitamin and mineral intake can help people who are on a calorie-restricted diet.

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