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Five Ways You Can Live a Healthier and Happier Life


If you want to make positive changes to your life this year, you can do so with a strong will and self-motivation to be healthier and happier. With just a few tweaks to your everyday life, you can ultimately rid stress and worry while enjoying your hobbies, spending time with loved ones and exploring life.

Taking the Proper Supplements

Taking a multivitamin and proper supplements such as fish oil (for Omega 3s) is a way to keep your body sustained and with an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep you healthier. During the harsh winter months, a lot of us start to become deficient in vitamin D which is essential for your heart, bone, and mood stability to help you beat the blues. 

Improve Your Diet

Improving your diet will not only help to keep your body healthier, but it will also allow you to feel better and to have more sustained energy. Avoid processed foods, white sugars and bread and simply stick with fresh meats, produce, nuts and seeds. Take the time to prepare your meals ahead of time to avoid using fast food stops are your only source of nutrition. Many fast food restaurants inject their foods with chemicals and additives that can be potentially harmful to the body, so ridding them from your diet completely is highly recommended.

Also consider eating completely vegetarian every other week, not only will you save on your grocery bill, but you’ll start to feel healthier, and notice a spring in your step since you’re getting more fruits and veggies. If you’re really feeling daring, try eating vegan for 2-3 days out of your vegetarian week, and then graduate to one day of raw eating.

Ridding Clutter From Your Life

Ridding the clutter from your life and home is one of the greatest ways to relieve stress and to gain more mental clarity. Organize each room in your home individually and throw out or donate old furnishings, clothing and decor that is simply taking up space or serves no purpose. There are also certain items that can be sold or recycled for money, like your old DVD’s and CD’s to sites like

While you’re literally de-cluttering your life, why not figuratively rid clutter and clouds from your life as well? Access the friends you surround yourself with in your life, and determine whether or not they’re doing more harm than good, if their drinking habits are far above yours, or if they encourage lazy behavior, perhaps it’s time to look for greener pastures.

Relieve Stress Naturally

Relieving stress naturally can be done by incorporating the superfoods that reduce stress, learning breathing techniques, and taking the time to meditate and practice yoga daily. Meditation and yoga have been proven to help increase mental clarity and focus while also reducing the amount of stress you may feel in your life. Meditating just once a day for 10 minutes a day, along with practicing yoga poses, can have dramatic effects on your overall outlook on life, revitalizing you and allowing you to focus and move forward in any direction you desire. Running or adding any form of exercise into your daily routine is another way to relieve stress naturally, as exercising releases endorphins in the body, helping to boost mood while ridding toxins that cause stress, anxiety and worry.