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How Orthodontics Move Teeth?


Although it is shocking, teeth move. There is a big question for many people: how do teeth move? Since many things improve over time, dental treatment and therapies are also changing. For example, an excellent method exists to change the form and style of misaligned teeth. Braces are the most helpful orthodontics treatment available these days. How do braces or Invisalign work?

According to a professional dentist from Eagle Family Dentistry, providing advanced orthodontics in Newmarket, all of these procedures can move your teeth, so if you are unhappy with your teeth’ shape and form, try to choose one of these methods. Keep in mind that according to an experienced emergency dentist near Newmarket at Eagle Family Dentistry, if you ignore treating your misaligned, crooked teeth, they can lead to severe emergency dental issues. Dentistrynearme which is a well-known dental directory in the area, has introduced Eagle Family Dentistry a great dental center with the best dental specialists.

Teeth are not fused or part of your jawbone, so it is possible to move them. It means teeth are suspended inside of your jawbone. To understand this factor better, you can go to the mirror and try to move your tooth; you can notice that your tooth moves a little bit.

How Do Orthodontics Work?

As you know, orthodontics is the best group of dental treatments to move your teeth and change the shape or form of your teeth. A tiny rubber band-like material surrounds your teeth. It is the ligament that goes around your teeth.

The expert name of this material is periodontal ligament. This material prevents your bone from getting stuck in your jawbone. Moreover, this material helps your teeth move.

Your body also reacts to this feature of your teeth. When something forces your tooth to move, this force will compress the periodontal ligament on one side. Therefore, this material will push your teeth toward and stretch out on the other side.

Finally, on the side of being compressed, as long as it is an excellent gentle force, the bone on that side slowly starts to resort or eat away. This process allows your teeth to move in that direction.

Generally, on that side of being stretched, your bone starts depositing more and more, so basically, your tooth starts moving through the jaw bone as your bone goes away on one side.

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What Is the Final Result of Orthodontics?

What do you expect from your orthodontist? These dentists try their best to change your teeth’s shape and style. They are also able to move your teeth over time. The orthodontist’s treatment allows your teeth to adjust to the pushed forces.

You may feel this process is a confusing treatment, but don’t worry; it is comfortable dental therapy. You must choose the right orthodontist who can do this process without hesitation.

Another question in this part is how the teeth move in this case. If you have a considerable space between your teeth, the orthodontist can easily change and reduce this space.

This treatment will have force, and your teeth will come back together because of the entered power. As a result, the existing rubber will push them away from one another. Although this process pushes your teeth, there will be pressure on the side of the periodontal ligament, so the available force and stress will affect your teeth and cause them to move positively.