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How Using A Soberlink Alcohol Testing Device Can Help With Child Custody Disputes?


Alcohol abuse that is not properly monitored can be harmful to everyone involved, especially young people. Child custody agreements might be complicated by allegations of alcohol misuse. However, it might be difficult to verify and adequately respond to such charges. Fortunately, these issues can be remedied with the help of Soberlink’s cutting-edge technology.

Advantages for the client under surveillance

In contrast to more punitive approaches, Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring devices encourage a more constructive culture. Soberlink acknowledges that alcohol use is widespread and, with the correct resources, can be effectively managed. Instead of punishing parents who may have a drinking problem, Soberlink provides at-home breathalyzers that can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or just during parenting time.

Advantages to the interested party

It’s reasonable to have doubts about any proposed co-parenting arrangements if one parent has a history of alcoholism. However, the uncertainty associated with alcohol usage often causes the most stress for worried parents. How well does the parent who is being monitored control their alcohol use while they have custody of the child? Can they always feel secure in the other parent’s home?

When using Soberlink, worried parents can rest easy knowing that this uncertainty is being mitigated in real time. Monitored Clients can help by sending in their results from diagnostic procedures in a faraway location. If you want more flexibility in when and how often you submit your results, you can choose between two different Soberlink program plans. There are options for both daily testing and testing with parents present.

Concerning the welfare of the kid

When possible, it’s best for a child to continue a relationship with both parents after their parents divorce. A co-parenting arrangement may not be workable if a parent’s alcoholism endangers the child’s health and safety. Neither choice seems like the best one right now.

If a parent is able to keep track of how often and how much they drink, it can assist bring the best interests of their child into alignment with those of both parents. The safety of a kid, the peace of mind of a concerned party, and the stability of a precarious parent-child connection can all hinge on the results of a quick and efficient sobriety test.

Keeping a Level Head in a Changing World

It’s crucial to keep in mind the impact of COVID-19 on sobriety testing and custody arrangements in these unsettling times. Many aspects of daily life have been impacted by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak at this point in the year. As schools and daycares around the country remain closed, children have been negatively impacted. As firms have closed and remote work has become the norm, parents’ schedules have also changed.

Soberlink’s devices, which allow for remote testing, can make it easier for parents to stick to custody arrangements than ever before. Parents who use Soberlink to keep tabs don’t have to travel anywhere to get tested or see lab findings. Therefore, testing can proceed without interruption, and customers and their loved ones won’t be put in harm’s way. Even in a coronavirus-free future, Soberlink will keep sobriety testing easy and comfortable for its customers by maintaining its remote capabilities and adaptable testing schedule.

It’s worth noting that Soberlink provides in-home installation and support services to get customers started with their gadgets. Clients can utilize these services to activate and operate their devices while maintaining appropriate social distance.

While parents negotiate child custody, they can rest assured that their Soberlink devices will continue to provide accurate alcohol monitoring. Get a feel for how the program actually functions by reading reviews written by people who have used Soberlink.