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In what conditions does COVID-19 survive the longest?


In late December 2019, the world had been shocked by an emergence of a deadly virus. This virus was believed to infect and kill a Chinese guy from the Wuhan district. After some research, it was later discovered that this virus is known as Covid-19. It is a new form of virus that is very deadly and can be dangerous. Fast forward to today, this virus had already infected a lot of people. In fact, millions of people from almost all countries in the world had been infected and a large amount of this number died due to the infection. This has prompted the health organizations to produce the most effective cure in fighting this pandemic, which is the Covid 19 vaccine. While people are starting to queue up and wait for their vaccine shot, most of us will always have some questions regarding Covid-19.

Well, one of the famous questions that pops out in everyone’s mind right now is in what conditions does Covid-19 survive the longest? To answer this question, we must take a look at what was reported by the researchers that study how this virus acts. Based on research, it shows that this virus favors some material over others. It was discovered that this virus can usually stay for 72 hours or 3 days on a plastic or metal surface. Both of these materials are the most suitable surface for Covid-19 to survive the longest. Besides that, temperature also plays a main role in determining this virus longevity. Any virus that is coated on the outside will tend to favor low temperature more than hot temperature. This is also particularly true with Sars-virus, which is coated as well. Furthermore, low humidity levels will also make this virus live to its fullest. Hence, countries with low temperature and low humidity levels will certainly be favorable for Covid-19 virus.

This is the reason why we can see that most of Covid-19 cases come from countries that have low temperature and low humidity levels such as Europe and some Asians countries. In fact, this virus also will grow better during the winter, contributing to the number of cases during that season. However, all of these facts do not really matter if we are not doing anything to eradicate it. The virus can grow and live even if it is not cold. Yes, they might not live that long, but they will still be here. The virus will keep on infecting others and cause more death if it is not stopped. In fact, some of them might mutate to form another dangerous form and might give us a big headache later on.

This is the main reason why we need to play our part in fighting this pandemic. As mentioned above, a coronavirus vaccine is the way to go. We need to get the shot immediately in order to help create herd immunity. Not just that, we also need to follow all the guidelines that were created by the government. This includes sanitizing your hand frequently, always wearing a mask when you are out, practice social distancing, always remember to clean your environment and also avoid a crowded area. These are all essential steps that we need to implement if we want to end this pandemic once for all. The fact that we know how this virus can survive the longest means nothing if we do not act now. So, play your part and let us hope that we can eradicate this virus from this earth for good. And most importantly get yourself checked if you find any symptoms of this disease.