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Look At The Basic Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline You Should Know


No matter how much alcohol you consume daily, you will undoubtedly have withdrawal symptoms if you choose to stop it. The reason is that alcohol is different from other drugs. Undoubtedly alcohol withdrawal can be lethal for some people. Especially one who try to detox on their own without medical care. That’s why you should know the utter alcohol withdrawal timeline previously you choose to get rid of the habit of drinking alcohol. 

Check The Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

One thing is that symptoms will get diverge from individual to individual. So, the below mentioned points for your knowledge and idea.

  • If you have a long history of heavy drinking, you will get mild symptoms even within 6 hours from your left drinking. 
  • At the same time, about 12 hours to 24 hours, you will experience hallucinations if you choose to withdraw alcohol. Most of the time, this kind of person will imagine things and worry about them.
  • This is the serious stage because you face minor symptoms such as headaches, tremors, and stomach upset. It will begin within 24 hours to 48 hours. But once it gets started, then it will affect you even up to 5 days. It is considered as peak stage. 
  • Within 48 hours to 72 hours, some people will get a severe form of alcohol withdrawal called delirium tremens (DTs). It is also called alcohol withdrawal delirium. You will experience a high heart rate, seizures, or a high body temperature in this stage.
  • Eventually, in 72 hours, the alcohol withdrawal symptoms get worse. Even people also have withdrawal symptoms even for a month. 

Why Do Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Occur?

In general, individuals who used to drink alcohol a lot regularly will create chemical addiction to the substances. When there is a sudden stop will make your brain neurotransmitters and blood levels get confused. This is what results in alcohol withdrawal symptoms.