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What is usmagazine? How reliable is this?

Share: is a weekly magazine that provides information about celebrities. Us magazine is referred to as a celebrity magazine. This magazine is a weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine based in New York. Us magazine is the name of the site the magazine is known as US weekly. This magazine was founded in 1977 by New York Times Company which further sold it in 1980.

This magazine covers topics from celebrity relationships to the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and entertainment. In 2017 it started its paid page as asked for a subscription which has more than 1.95 million copies weekly and also till now are 15 million subscribers.

We can see this magazine developing from 1997 till now. From 1977-2000 it followed a single format which includes monthly industry news and review magazine along with lines of premier and entertainment Weekly. In 2000 it changed its format, which it has been following till now in this new format has included celebrity news and style.

About magazine

Us Weekly was a print magazine after the internet can launch its website named magazine in 2006. In this, the magazine features stories of celebrities their news blogs, photos, Red carpet galleries from premium events, games, videos, quizzes, and polls.

They also issue several signature issues every year including hot Bollywood special issues, in the spring and the fall celebrating young Bollywood, the best bodies issues, and the best makeover issues.

If we see the past of this magazine we know that this magazine was earlier a monthly magazine and shifted to weekly seeing its publicity and curiosity among the readers. This shift worked in their favor earlier they could grab only the young readers who were interested in reading magazines, celebrity stuff went weekly not only the young readers but many other people also started reading their magazine soon they met the height of success.

Sections in the magazine

  • Just like us – this section contains photos of celebrities doing the everyday thing that we people do. This section is inspired by a regular sesame Street feature about the animal.
  • Who wore it best – here in this section you will know about what the celebrities have won and where and about the style statement.
  • Hot stuff – here in this section, you will get all the latest gossip inside Hollywood.
  • The red carpet – here in this section you will get all the looks and style of Hollywood parties and premieres.
  • Hot pics – Here, you will get to know about all the celebrities around the globe.
  • Fashion police – in this section the fashion disasters of the stars and the best look of the week everything is available.

Thus, our magazine has many things that keep us upon this and we keep on waiting for the next update. They give you all the information related to celebrities and other things that we want to know about our favorite celebrities.