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Why Do Newborns Need Early Hearing Screening?


There is nothing more important to parents than the health and wellbeing of their newborns. Safety is above all and hence they must undergo every necessary health screening to check if the baby is healthy. One such important screening is hearing screening. It indicates if they are having any apparent noticeable hearing risks and necessary steps are taken likewise. There are a few more reasons as to why they should have the screening done.

The need

Listening is a key aspect through which kids learn. And babies tend to react better to high-pitch noises that get familiar to them. To learn better and at ease, they need to have their ability to hear, especially to help their speech and language development. If the child is having hearing issues or hearing loss, their growth is going to get tremendously affected and get stunted suddenly. To keep the child out of the doubt and the risk, hearing screening must be conducted. It is done to ensure that the child’s development is not affected.

The tests

When the tests are conducted for the kids, they take place in mostly two forms. The first type is the AABR test, also the abbreviation for Automated Auditory Brainstem Response. This is conducted to check how well are the hearing nerves responding to a particular sound that is exposed to them. The test measures the time of response taken when a click or a particular tone is played in the kid’s ears. The other type of screening is called the OAE or the Otoacoustic Emissions test. This test is conducted by placing a soft earphone on the ears of the kid. The earphone will play a part of a soundtrack and that will be screened. The audiologists will check for the echo responses that the ears have. If no response is derived, the newborn might have hearing issues.

What next is to be done?

If the kid has passed their screening test, there is nothing much that you need to do about it. Future tests can be conducted by audiologists. If issues are still visible, they need further testing to understand better about the problem. If solutions are not derived, the child must see specialists.

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