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Will CBD Give You Tinnitus Relief?


Have you been suffering from a ringing in your ears lately? Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a condition that affects more than 50 Million Americans every year, with Millions more worldwide. Since the pandemic, it is estimated that Tinnitus numbers have doubled or even tripled. Only time will tell if these estimates are true.

But, despite the fact that the condition is so prevalent, there are no cures for it. But, this hasn’t stopped companies from trying. Among one such remedy that has been popularly touted as a cure is CBD. Derived from Marijuana, CBD is an ingredient that has been marketed as a miracle cure for a lot of things. From treating anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s to now Tinnitus. But, can CBD really give you Tinnitus relief? Or, it is just a big eye wash that will not do anything or worse, make your Tinnitus spike.

This research post about CBD for Tinnitus is an excellent place to begin understanding how CBD affects Tinnitus. There, you will learn that CBD, whether in the form of gummies, ointments or tinctures is completely useless when it comes to treating Tinnitus. The manufacturers of these products will tell you that CBD can prevent seizures that can then cause your Tinnitus. But, Tinnitus is a problem that either originates in your ear’s cochlea or in your brain’s auditory nerve stem. CBD cannot help problems in either one of these areas in your body.

Where patients might experience a placebo like effect from using CBD for Tinnitus is with anxiety relief. Most Tinnitus patients suffer from a lot of anxiety and even depression. Constantly worried about the ringing in their ears, they are unable to focus on anything else. CBD can take the edge off such extreme anxiety cases and allow the person to learn to habituate with their Tinnitus. But, since CBD is addictive, it is highly advisable that one try other ways to calm down first. Much safer ways to get rid of anxiety include meditation, practicing mindfulness, breathing exercises and talk therapy.

If you want a cure or relief for Tinnitus, there are other things you can try. First, make sure your vitamin levels are optimal. Vitamin D, B12 and even your magnesium and folate levels can all have an impact on your Tinnitus. Your hypertension also plays a big part in how often you suffer from Tinnitus and also how badly it affects you. Sleep and a clean diet also can do wonders for your Tinnitus problem.

You should also probably first visit an audiologist or an ENT doctor before resorting to CBD supplements as these specialists will be able to tell you if your Tinnitus has an obvious cause that can be addressed. For example, if your Tinnitus is caused by partial hearing loss, it can be addressed with hearing aids.