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The Wonders of Shiatsu Therapy


Do you feel that it’s time to get some well-deserved self-care time? Do you enjoy dining out, or do you prefer to order food and stay at home instead? Do you like going on trips or going out for dancing? These are all excellent choices and offer relief from worries and stress.

But, what if you won’t be able to do these? Is there a better way to heal your whole body, mind, and soul? Well, if you are a fan of massage and therapies, today’s your lucky day! Here, you’ll find out the wonders of shiatsu therapy and how it can change your life.

What is shiatsu?

It’s a massage therapy in Japan, with its base linked to traditional Chinese medicine. Tokurijo Namikoshi popularised it in the twentieth century. It is considered a safe healing method.

It uses “finger pressure” as it massages with fingers and thumbs, palms, and feet. There are also techniques like holding and stretching. It further involves Qi, your body’s “flow of energy.”

The shiatsu practitioner will examine you through pulse diagnosis.

Why do you need to experience this type of massage?

There have been cases where doctors do encourage their patients to get massage therapy. Why? Shiatsu is known for reducing blood pressure and normalizing the heart rate.

It is effective in increasing the body’s ability to produce endorphins too!

Does it use other kinds of techniques?

Shiatsu therapy uses techniques that are pretty similar to other treatments like lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy, and osteopathy.

However, a specific difference is the attribution of the patient’s physical health conditions or diseases to the imbalances and blockages in the energy flow of Qi. It becomes the basis of the diagnosis and treatment methods that differ from the other massage techniques.

Can it help you deal with stress and other health concerns?

Did you know that stress takes a massive toll on your health? When you are under too much pressure and for more extended periods, it affects you in every way.

For instance, stress may cause hormonal changes and end up affecting all of your body’s systems. Acute stress affects your nervous system, cardiovascular, sense organs, fight-or-flight reaction, and immune system. When pressure is repeatedly experienced, it becomes chronic, leading to a bad case of a health emergency.

Shiatsu massage therapy helps by offering stress relief by improving your internal energy system. It’s effective in enhancing your body’s range of motion and coordination.

As it combines acupressure and stretching techniques, it restores the bone and muscle structure.

Why is shiatsu an excellent choice for becoming healthier?

These days, health has become a priority for everyone.

With shiatsu, it can improve your body’s energy flow and reduce stress. Your emotional, physical, and mental health will become healthier, giving you a chance to heal better.

It’s a perfect option for people who wish not only to be healthy, but also to establish harmony and stability in their lives.